Month: February 2015

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Today in my email I found a report pointing out Nielsen//NetRatings latest statistics on broadband access. They claim that 95+ million active US Internet subscribers are using broadband. According to the US Census Bureau there are approximately 298,313,127 people in the country today. So, with more than 45% living in areas where cable and DSL are not available now can Nielsen//NetRatings come up with such a bogus number for their report?

It seems their analysts are about as bright as a 2-watt bulb. Do the math people. Just because your survey was swayed to people living in the cable and DSL areas, doesn’t mean that the total in those areas out-measure those in non-broadband areas.
Or, do you count the people who have broadband in their offices in the number your report cites? Certainly that’s a broad misrepresentation.

Now, to show how inept your company is at providing accurate information. The only person your receptionist would provide me access to was your sales person for my area. The phone number for that person no longer works and your receptionist had no other information she could give. In fact, she does a great job at keeping your gate closed – I’ll commend her on that.

Furthermore, to even submit a form to speak with a sales person, it takes 3 clicks before your Web site will provide that form. Yep, 3 clicks using Firefox 1.5. It seems that getting in touch with anyone at Nielson//NetRatings is a task in itself.
Should we continue to trust a company whose information is so obviously wrong? Certainly I’ll never trust them again.