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How to Get Reincluded in Google™

Google™ has deleted my Web site. What should I do to get re-included?
Thanks, Paul.

Paul, that is a question I hear often. My advise on this is to first determine what your site has done to warrant delisting. The most common reason I’ve found Web sites de-listed is due to hidden text on the Web pages. There are many reasons for de-listing your site and most are made available by Google™ at

When your Web site is de-listed there are two things you need to do. First, clean up any SEO spam that exists on your Web pages. Second, write Google™ through their form at In your letter explain what happened and how you resolved the situation. They also want a promise that you’ll never do it again. Learn more from Matt Cutts (AKA GoogleGuy) at

As seen in Practical eCommerce magazine, November 2005 issue.