Month: October 2016

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Choosing Keywords

Mary from South Carolina asks, “How do I know the best keywords to use for my site?”
Choosing keywords to use on your site should be based upon the products or services you offer. While many people tend to think that the home page of the site should reflect every keyword within that site, this is in error. Choosing keywords is not as hard as many people tend to think… it is actually more about creativity and intuition.
Some will debate about intuition as this may come as a surprise to many, so let me explain it from the ground up.

Your eCommerce website offers plasma televisions. Within that category of products you have model numbers associated with the different sizes and models available. So, the best keywords for an item within that category would be the model number and manufacturer, or perhaps even the type of television (such as plasma TV). Products with specific branded awareness make it easier to get the product found. As the search becomes more focused the competition dwindles to a more manageable size.

Categorical keywords should always hold the products; they should be focused toward the less specific but non-generic type keywords. Following the same context as above, the category could be RCA Plasma televisions. Or, simply plasma televisions.

Moving to the even more generic, we would find Televisions as the keyword holding all others within that single category.

To aid in developing your keywords you might want to consider Digital Point’s keyword suggestion tool, WordTracker’s keyword research tool or even Dan Theis’ keyword research service.