DHL Delivery Services

On Wednesday, December 14, 2005, we ordered $463 dollars worth of laser toner for our color laser printer. On the morning of the 15th we received tracking information from our supplier stating that our product would be delivered that day by DHL.

It didn’t arrive, but out of understanding that the Christmas season may have slowed the delivery down a day, we waited. At closing time we logged into DHL’s Web site and discovered their driver had left it by the door on the 15th. We looked everywhere for it. It was nowhere to be found.

So, we called DHL and informed them of the missed delivery. The local office had closed so we spoke with the national office. They immediately began work on locating the package. This morning they called to inform they had not found anything yet, but that the driver was instructed to return to the location he had left the package.

This morning we drove by the office and found a package sitting by one of the empty offices a few doors down. We decided to check the package to see if it was indeed our package. It was. Within 20 minutes of our finding the package, the DHL national office called again to tell us the driver was on his way out to find the package. We informed them we found the package and to save the driver the trouble.

While the national office provided fantastic support, the driver should have paid greater attention to where he leaves packages. We’re just fortunate that we found the package.