Google and Dell

When I received the computers from Dell, I was surprised to find three programs from Google pre-installed. The Google Toolbar I kept, but the Google Desktop software and its supporting program I removed.

After removing the Google Desktop, I was immediately sent to Google’s Web site where I had to answer a question about why I was removing their software from my computer.

Personally it’s none of their business, but I was kind enough to answer and tell them.
Basically, I told them it was none of their business what was on my computer.

Now, I hear that Google and Dell are in cahoots with possibly delivering a Google OS on Dell computers. Well, you won’t find me buying a Dell again.

Just think, Google Desktop tells Google what’s on your computer when you do a search with their software. Just imagine the privacy concerns from a Google OS. Sorry, my clients are more important than some software that might want to send a copy of all my files to Google so they can stick their nose in it.