Google Desktop

Just the other day I was at the car dealership getting our Jeep Liberty worked on. I was walking through the showroom and found they now have a computer available to customers.

A lady was sitting at the computer googling on Google.

When I saw her later, I asked if she was googling on Google or Yahoogling on Yahoo.

Obviously I knew the answer, but it did get us talking about Google’s ‘big brother’ attitude and how they try to own everyone’s information.

She mentioned she formerly used Yahoo until she purchased a new computer and it came with the Google Toolbar. There upon I informed her to not use the Google Desktop for security reasons. Now, today we see many instances of people talking about the problems with Google’s ‘big brother’ attitude and how people don’t want Google sticking their nose in private matters.

Shame on Google for wanting to own our private information. Are the Google Boys part of ‘the beast’ mentioned in the Bible?