GoogleGuy Says …

In SEO Mistakes: crappy doorway pages Matt Cutts states, “[web sites] can actually get their PageRank sucked away…”

Matt, you’re really blowing my mind with insane concepts. PR is never sucked or given or stolen from a web page because of a link. That page will always retain its PR regardless of who or what it links to. The PR of the page is only affected by the number and PR of the pages linking to it, but it does not suck away anything from another page.
The linking page’s PR does not get affected because it links to anything.

After reading all your posts on linking, I’m beginning to think that either I’m really confused (seriously doubtful) or that how you state things are purposely designed to confuse the masses. The ultimate message from all your linking posts is “Stop linking to other web sites.”

Let’s see:
1. Don’t buy links
2. Don’t reciprocate links
3. Don’t link to other web pages because it sucks PR from your web page.

That reminds me of the old days when all we had were documents stored on other mainframes with no links to referenced materials because the Hypertext Markup Language had not been invented yet. It wasn’t until HTML was invented did we receive the opportunity to link to other documents using the hypertext link.