SEO Mistakes: Not checking your site

While I’m not keen on Google for various reasons, I do like to review Matt Cutts blog.

In his post yesterday he reviews a site whose owner claimed her site fell from Google’s index because someone “Google bombed” her site. Matt reviewed the Web site and pointed out all the keyword stuffing and doorway pages generated for their online store. What Cutts failed to mention were other doorway pages generated specifically for the search engines by the shopping cart. These additional pages I found link to MonsterCommerce as the shopping cart provider.

Instead of rewriting the dynamic URLs to static URLs, they simply generated a second set of pages with .html extensions. This causes duplicate content and unfortunately search engines like Google don’t like having their databases filled up with duplicate content from the same Web site or even having multiple copies of your online store under different domain names.

The Apple Pie Shopping Cart fixed the duplicate content problem more than two years ago. There is absolutely no way to find a dynamic URL with the system.